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Each year Beechworth Honey support many different programs and initiatives as part of our Bee-Cause … to help save Australia’s honeybees.

At Beechworth Honey we are absolutely, positively passionate about Australia’s honeybees. We know just how important honeybees are for the production of our beautiful, delicious, pure 100% Australian honey… just the way nature intended.

We also understand the vital role honeybees play in pollinating our fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, crops and seeds… and that’s exactly why every jar, product or experience provided by Beechworth Honey contributes to saving Australia’s honeybees.

In addition to all the different programs and initiatives which we contribute to as part of our Bee-Cause, Beechworth Honey also support a long list of requests for assistance from sporting clubs, event sponsorships, school fundraising, agricultural shows, charities and other great causes.

If you would like to request sponsorship, product donation or support from Beechworth Honey for your event or activity, please complete all the fields in the form below.

It is important to note that we are unable to contribute to every request we receive but all enquiries will be evaluated against our sponsorship criteria.

Please submit your request at least 30 days prior to your event/activity to allow for processing.

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In order to allow time for full consideration please submit your details at least 30 days prior to the event/fundraiser.  

What's New at Beechworth Honey

Beechworth Lost Arts Series

Beechworth Lost Arts Series

The artisans, producers and eclectic locals of Beechworth & surrounds in collaboration with Beechworth Honey are proud to present a series of classes themed around the Lost Arts - Kitchen, Garden & Craft.

270 190 Bee Cause

Bee Cause

Bee Cause... every Beechworth Honey product enjoyed contributes to saving Australia's honeybees.

Learn all about the activities & projects Beechworth Honey undertakes every year to help save honeybees.

270 190 Bee Natural Beauty

Bee Natural Beauty

Discover our four NEW honey beauty product ranges... Bee Natural combines 100% Australian Beechworth Honey with nut and botanical extracts and oils - gentle on you, the environment & the honeybees. 

270 190 Experience Honey

Experience Honey

Visit the beautiful high country of north-east Victoria for the ultimate honey adventure.

Taste over 30 different varieties of 100% Australian honey at Beechworth Honey Experience. 



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