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Australian Honey AlwaysOur promise is simple...  

We never use imported honey. We’d never try to sell honey that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.

100% Australian honey... Always! 

Australian beehive 100% Australian honey... Always!  

When I (Jodie Goldsworthy) was growing up and when we started marketing Beechworth Honey, Australia always exported as much honey as it sold domestically. 

In 2004 that all changed. 2004 was the start of a terrible honey drought. In 2004 we voluntarily deleted half our products off national supermarket shelves because we couldn’t produce or buy enough Australian honey to supply our markets. 

We didn’t import honey because honey produced overseas is produced under completely different conditions from Australia. 

Overseas because of bee diseases that we don’t have in Australia, honey production is based on using chemicals that are not legal for use in Australia.

We made a simple decision; if we wouldn’t serve imported honey to our family we shouldn’t sell it to other families. 

In 2004 all of our major competitors imported honey. Products were found with nasty chemicals and major brands suffered damaging publicity about chemical contamination. 

Again in 2013/20014 severe weather events meant we couldn’t supply all our markets. Once again we had to downsize our markets, delete products and only see 100% Australian honey. 

Following their severe brand damage in 2004, our competitors this time introduced secondary brands; Barnes, Allowrie & Smiths to sell imported honey in. 

Pollinating Australias Fresh ProduceWe’ve always been concerted about chemical contamination and honey adulteration of imported honey and in 2014 our fears were confirmed publically. The ACCC prosecuted a case of misrepresentation and the EU named honey at #6 in the top 10 food products most at risk of adulteration. 

Only using 100% Australian honey doesn’t make us the most money. If we wanted to “get rich” we’d buy imported honey for less than half of what we pay Australian beekeepers for their honey. But that’s not what we are about. 

We value the work of Australian beekeepers pollinating 2/3rds of Australia’s agricultural produce - our fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. So many things are so much more important than an easy dollar. 




Sustainability… that’s for us!


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