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Lifestyle Bee Creamy Fig GingerAustralian Specialty Honey

We love being the Australian honey specialists… and we LOVE to be able to make specialty honey products!

With so many delicious, pure 100% Australian honeys to work with we have developed a range of specialty honey products including natural creamy honey (100% honey that is whipped to create a deliciously thick creamy delight), honey with different Australian nuts – a perfect accompaniment to cheese platters, and other unique and wonderful honey products… many of which have been suggested by our amazing Australian honey customers.

Bee Creamy

Beechworth Honey is proud to present the largest range of creamy honey products in Australia – all made from our pure 100% Australian honey. Our Bee Creamy range is one of our specialties. Of all the products we showcase to our 120,000 visiting guests to our store in Beechworth every year, these are the all time most favourite.

Bee Raw

The Bee Raw range of Beechworth Honey products features our honey with beautiful Australian honeycomb straight from the hive, and natural unfiltered Manuka honey – why not enjoy a teaspoon every day! All honey produced by our amazing, hardworking honeybees is raw, but our Bee Raw honey range features other hive products such as honeycomb, as well as our natural unfiltered honey products.

Bee Quirky

Our Bee Quirky honey range lets us get a little bit creative and maybe go a bit quirky! Think honey & chopped Australian macadamia nuts, or honey with a whole vanilla bean pod!

Our Products

Bee Creamy Range of Honeys

Creamy Honey Range

Bee Creamy Cinnamon PRODUCT

Creamy Honey & Cinnamon

800 800 Bee Creamy Creamy Honey PRODUCT

Creamy Honey



What is creamy honey?


Creamy honey is made from delicious, pure honey – no other ingredients are added.

The honey is gently whipped until it forms a beautiful, thick, luscious texture… perfect for spreading over crumpets or fruit toast! Yum!

800 800 Bee Creamy Fig Ginger PRODUCT

Creamy Honey, Fig & Ginger

Bee Creamy Ginger PRODUCT

Creamy Honey & Ginger

Bee Creamy Lemon Myrtle PRODUCT

Creamy Honey & Lemon Myrtle

Honeycomb with bee

What NEXT creamy honey are you dreaming of… email us your ideas!

Bee Quirky Honey Macadamia PRODUCT

Honey & Macadamia Nuts

Bee Quirky Honey Nuts

Honey & Nuts

Bee Quirky Honey Vanilla Bean

Honey & Vanilla Bean

Lifestyle Bee Quirky Vanilla Bean

Honey & Vanilla Bean

Perfect warmed on brie cheese, drizzled on yogurt or ice-cream…

or as a delicious topping on pancakes!

Bee Raw Honeycomb

Honey & Honeycomb

Bee Raw Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey

Like Landscape Honey

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Bee Cause Landscape Honey

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Did You Know?


Honey is a delicious natural food which is unchanged from the hive to when we eat it.

In one day a worker bee can visit as many as 10,000 flowers, collecting nectar to bring back to the hive to made beautiful honey.

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About Our Bee Cause Honey

BEE CAUSE - helping save Australia's honeybees

Lifestyle Honey and Nuts Cheese Board

Honey & Nuts Perfect For...

Why not try our ‘ready-to-go’ Bee Quirky Honey & Nuts served with cheese on a shared platter, spooned over the top of puddings & desserts, or on your muesli for breakfast.

Give us your suggestion for our next Bee Quirky honey… send us an email today!


Did You Know...


Honeybees pollinate 2/3rds of Australia’s agricultural produce – our fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Lifestyle Honey and Mac Icecream

Honey & Macadamia Nuts Perfect For...

Our Bee Quirky Honey & Macadamia Nuts are perfect served on top of ice-cream. The chopped Australian macadamia nuts give a delicious crunch and work well with the creaminess of ice-cream.

Lifestyle Honey in Glass JarWhat exactly is raw honey?

All honey that is produced by honeybees is raw… just the way mother nature intended it to be.

There is quite a lot of misunderstanding in relation to raw honey and the effects of high temperature on honey quality. 

What's New at Beechworth Honey

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