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Cycle Bee Cause Bike hireBlossom to Blossom Cycle Ride & Bee Cause Hire Bikes

Soak up the fresh country air, take in the scenic views and get back to nature as you pedal around historic Beechworth on the Beechworth Honey Blossom to Blossom Cycle Ride.

Bring your own bike or hire a ‘Bee Cause’ Beechworth Honey Bike. At Beechworth honey we have a small fleet of bicycles, electric bikes and kids tag along trolleys available for loan with something suitable for all ages and experience levels.

Whether visiting for the day, or enjoying a weekend away in Beechworth, we’re sure you’ll love re-discovering bike riding and the outdoors with your friends and family as you cycle around the hidden paths of historic Beechworth.

Cycle Blossom to Blossom Map

Blossom to Blossom Cycle Ride - follow our map and enjoy a leisurely ride around Beechworth!

Explore the amazing world of Australian bees and honey as you follow our Blossom to Blossom Cycle Ride map around historic Beechworth. This ride can be enjoyed any time throughout the year, with each point along the route marked with a granite stone and plaque indicating the tree species.  

Ride: easy/beginner rated
Distance: approx. 7.6km
Time: leisurely 40-60mins

Follow the map with the first location at Queen Victoria Park. Learn all about the unique characteristics of our amazing flora including towering White Gum, Red Stringybark, Spotted Gum and an historic Apple Box ‘But But’ Tree estimated to be over 400 years old. ‘Bee Sure’ to keep an eye out for the granite rocks with markers at each tree, and read the interesting information about each tree on the back of our cycle map.

Particularly spectacular in the spring as many of these trees are blossoming, the nectar is what gives Beechworth Honey it’s distinct Australian flavour. Make sure when you return from this relaxing ride you keep following the journey of the bee and sample the incredible range of this delicious local honey at Beechworth Honey Experience. 

Have your own bikes? For a gold coin donation to the Wheen Bee Foundation, you can pick up our Blossom to Blossom Cycle Ride map in-store. 

Cycle Bee Cause Bikes

Bee Cause Hire Bikes Available - make your reservation today! 

Beechworth Honey has a fleet of bikes available for hire including adult bikes, junior bikes, kids bikes, bike accessories (kids tag-along bike & trolley which fix to the back of adult bikes), and electric powered bikes. Each bike hired comes with a helmet, bike chain and lock, and a Blossom to Blossom Cycle Ride map. 

Standard Bikes Available for Hire: Adult - Junior (9-14yo) - Kids (4-8yo) 

Premium Bikes/Bike Packages Available for Hire: Electric bikes (adult use only) - Adult bike with kids tag along bike (fixed to back of bike) - Adult bike with kids trolley (fixed to back of bike) 

Prices: HALF DAY STANDARD - $25 per bike. FULL DAY STANDARD - $40 per bike. HALF DAY PREMIUM - $35 per bike/bike package. FULL DAY PREMIUM - $55 per bike/bike package.

Bikes and maps are available from:
Beechworth Honey Experience – 31 Ford Street, Beechworth 
Beechworth Honey Bee School – 87 Ford Street, Beechworth

Hire Terms & Conditions

Bee Cause Hire Bikes

Please complete the form below to place your bike hire reservation. We will confirm your booking within 72 hours. Alternatively, if you would like to speak with our team please don't hesitate to call 03 5728 1433.

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Bee Cause… Every Cycle Ride Helps Save Australia’s Honeybees

We charge a hire fee to loan each bike. Why? ‘Bee Cause’ every Bee Cause Beechworth Honey Bike hired contributes to saving Australia’s honeybees.

At Beechworth Honey we are absolutely, positively passionate about our Australian honeybees. We know just how important honeybees are for the production of our beautiful, delicious, pure 100% Australian honey… just the way nature intended it.

We also understand the vital role honeybees play in pollinating our fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, crops and seeds… and that’s exactly why every jar, product or experience provided by Beechworth Honey contributes to saving Australia’s honeybees.

Each year we support many different programs and initiatives which contribute to saving our amazing honeybees. These include supporting research, educational programs, food security campaigns and government lobbying, and research projects such as those undertaken by the Wheen Bee Foundation.

So jump on a Beechworth Honey Bee Cause Bike
and help save Australia’s Honeybees!

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