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Launched on Australia Day 25th January 2016, the NEW Beechworth Honey Bee Cause Australian Landscape Honey Range features six different landscape/provincial products; each of these are made from premium, pure 100% Australian varietal honeys which have been collected by beekeepers from each specific region. 

  • Bush Honey
  • Mountain Honey
  • Outback Honey
  • River Honey
  • Meadow Honey
  • Coastal Honey

A Celebration of Australia’s Diverse Landscapes
These products are designed to celebrate our unique and diverse Australian regions and Australian honey. 

Calling out our 'Bee Cause' 
Our new Bee Cause Australian Landscape Honey range helps us to communicate the important information about our BEE CAUSE and the activities we undertake to help save Australia’s honeybees.

The FIRST food products to feature Australia’s NEW Country of Origin Food Labelling Logo
Beechworth Honey has always been 100% Australian…always! and is proud to be the first company in Australia to feature the government’s new logo on our BEE CAUSE honey products.

Our Products

Bee Cause Bush USD 400g

Bush Honey 400g

800 800 Bee Cause River USD 400g

River Honey 400g

Bee Cause Mountain USD 400g

Mountain Honey 400g

New Country of Origin Logo

First to Use New Country of Origin Logo

Bee Cause honey products are the first food products in Australia to feature the government's new country of origin food labelling logo.

Bee Cause Outback Jar 350g

Outback Honey 350g

800 800 Bee Cause Coastal Jar 350g

Coastal Honey 350g

800 800 Bee Cause Meadow Jar 350g

Meadow Honey 350g

540 346 Lifestyle Tea with Sachet

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Learn More About Our Range...

About Our Bee Cause Honey

BEE CAUSE - helping save Australia's honeybees


Did You Know...


Each Australian Landscape Honey is collected from a different regional location around Australia and provides a unique flavour and colour, and may be used in different cooking methods accordingly.

Look carefully at each new products packaging to see examples of these.

Bee Cause Bee

Bee Cause…


Every jar of Beechworth Honey contributes to saving Australia’s honeybees

Bee Cause Bush Honey

The Australian Bush is a magical place that embodies tranquility. 

Not too sweet – perfect for drizzling on yoghurt


Bee Cause River Honey

Australia’s river systems support eucalypts such as the majestic red gum & the gnarly black box.

Full bodied – versatile in any recipe


Bee Cause Mountain Honey

Crisp cool air, rich soils, abundant rainfall & winter snow sustain old growth eucalypts.

Strong & bitey – a perfect baking companion


Bee Cause Outback Honey

Vast remote landscapes with harsh environments & unique eucalypts.

Warm & buttery – perfect with muesli or on toast


Bee Cause Coastal Honey

Australia’s coastline is home to flora species that love the salt air & sunshine.

Mild caramel – perfect for smoothies


Bee Cause Meadow Honey

Rolling pastural lands & fertile soils nourish low growing meadow flora.

Naturally fast granulating & mild – sweeten tea & coffee


Bee Hives on Iron BarkHow did this range come about?

Our family has always been fortunate in that we have extensively traversed the Australian landscape, either migrating with our beehives or leapfrogging from beekeeper to beekeeper in our quest to procure the most amazing Australian honey range possible.

In our off season in June 2015 our family ticked off one of those epic trips from Beechworth to the very tip of Australia to Cape York. We took three weeks away from work and travelled with friends from overseas soaking up and breathing in Australia’s vastness and diversity of landscapes.

We left our home in Beechworth, travelled through the Riverina and out into the outback. We crossed winding rivers; the Murray, Murrumbidgee, Lachlan, Edwards and Castlereagh to name a few. We camped in the bush, gazed at the stars, ventured to the coast and took time out to recharge, slow down and just enjoy the vastness and diversity of Australia’s native flora.

It was whilst in the outback that Steven and Jodie began to think about the authenticity, provenance & specialization of our amazing Australian honey and the location in which it was produced. The Bee Cause Australian range is the legacy of a trip of a lifetime and encompasses special places, terroir and amazing memories. We hope you will enjoy what we have gathered.


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