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Experience Honey…

at Beechworth Honey Experience!

Step inside Beechworth Honey Experience to explore the amazing world of Australia’s honey and bees.

Located at the top of the main street in Beechworth in the beautiful high country of north-east Victoria, see live bees up close, enjoy our free honey tour, taste amazing Australian honey…and experience our passion. Beechworth Honey Experience has so much to see and do as well as a fantastic range of honey and bee related products and gifts.

‘Bee’ sure to visit our Bee School also – just down the road at the main round-about (87 Ford Street). Enjoy complimentary food and drink tastings in our tasting hall and make a honeybee or honey discovery during our free daily cooking demonstrations and/or beehive talks. Taste our Bee Cause Australian Landscape Honey range, sit and relax for a delicious drink, or tasty cake and coffee, and enjoy our family friendly activities in our Blossom Bee Play Space & Learning Centre. Open daily from 9am to 5:30pm.

TWO locations means DOUBLE the reason to eat, discover & learn!

Contact Us

Beechworth Honey Experience
31 Ford Street
Beechworth VIC 3747, Australia
t: 03 5728 1433
e: info@beechworthhoney.com.au
Open 7 days a week from 9am to 5:30pm. Closed Christmas day.
Coach, school and special interest groups welcome. Bookings recommended. Beechworth Honey Experience is pram and wheelchair friendly – please enter via the side gate located at our Church Street entrance.

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Honey Tour

Join our 25 minute complementary honey tour which commences every 10 minutes between 9am – 5pm, 7 days a week. Bookings are not required (except for large groups).

It all started in the 1880’s when gold was discovered in the hills surrounding Beechworth where Jodie’s great grandfather Benjamin Robinson became a beekeeper on the Victorian goldfields. Move into the forest room where large Australian eucalypts surround you and watch as Steve gathers honey from towering forests and the underlying flora.

Take a seat for your next journey and watch our suppliers extract the honey to be carefully sent to Beechworth Honey. The liquid gold virtually goes straight from the forest to your breakfast table, 100% pure and natural, as nature meant it to be.

Join our junior reporters along with renowned scientist Dr Dennis Anderson who tell a 21st century cautionary tale of what will happen if we don't protect our honeybees. Without them we would lose a third of the world’s food supply.

Get up close to our celebrity chefs as you are inspired to discover the many ways of turning something ordinary into something extraordinary, just by adding some pure Beechworth Honey.

Your visit is sure to foster a much deeper understanding of the care that goes into bringing one of nature’s true pleasures into our lives and you will never think of honey as just honey again. We hope you enjoy your journey and insight into the fascinating world of Australian honey and bees.


Group Visits
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See Live Bees

Have you ever seen a working bee hive? At Beechworth Honey Experience we give you the rare opportunity to safely look inside a colony and observe the amazing workings of our honeybees. Watch the communal activities of the hive as the bees travel from inside their hive to the outside world via the clear viewing tube. It is both fascinating and mesmerising to all ages.

Each colony has three castes of bees – a queen, drones and workers, so make sure you don’t miss out on the fun of finding each one!

Talk to our customer service team or download our education sheets to learn more. 

Lifestyle Creamy Honey and Cinnamon

The Ultimate Australian Honey Tasting Experience

Taste over 30 different varieties of delicious Australian honey… one of nature’s truly amazing products. Our friendly customer service team will guide you through a tasting sensation of our diverse product range. Part of the delight of Australian honey is it’s exciting and varied flavours combined with the rich thickness which results from the diversity of flora and soils of the Australian landscape.

Honey flavours are determined by the flowers the bees visit and source the nectar from. Colours from the palest translucent gold signaling the honey has been produced from ground floras, to the deep rich reds and almost black coloured honey which are produced in the higher mountainous or coastal areas. We challenge you to find your favourite and ‘bee hooked’ or taste as many as you like – IT’S FREE!

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Boutique Honey & Bee Inspired Products

Browse our extensive range of honey and bee inspired products whilst visiting Beechworth Honey Experience including;

- Australia’s largest range of premium honey & hive products including creamy honey, gourmet honey & honeycomb
Honey gift packs & hampers 
- Honey beauty products – natural skin care products featuring the finest quality Australian honey including hand and body lotions, washes, scrubs, soaps & balms
- Beeswax candles & products
- Bee inspired crockery including a hand-painted collection from Germany
BWH Experience Bee Cause Hire Bikes

Blossom to Blossom Cycle Ride & Bee Cause Hire Bikes

Soak up the fresh country air, take in the scenic views, and get back to nature as you pedal around historic Beechworth following the Blossom to Blossom Cycle Ride map on a Beechworth Honey Bee Cause Hire Bike.

Learn all about the unique characteristics of our amazing flora including towering White Gum, Red Stringybark, Spotted Gum and an historic Apple Box ‘But But’ tree estimated to be over 400 years old, and then return to Beechworth Honey Experience to taste the honey produced from each individual tree variety at our complimentary tasting table.


Bee Cause Hire Bikes
Beechworth Honey Discovery

Discover Bees... at our Bee School

While in Beechworth, ‘bee’ sure to also visit our Bee School to explore the fascinating link between bees, pollination and our food security. 

Located in the historic Bank of NSW building at the main roundabout, the Bee School is the home of our Bee Cause Australian Landscape Honey and features a range of family friendly activities, delicious food and drinks, and fun educational and interactive experiences… why not drop past today for your own discovery!

Two locations means DOUBLE the reason to eat, discover & learn!


Discover Beechworth

Beechworth Honey Experience

Visit Beechworth Honey Experience

Taste over 30 different varieties of delicious 100% Australian honey, enjoy our free honey tour and more... 

Beechworth Honey Discovery

Visit our Bee School

Free daily demonstrations or talks, taste delicious bee inspired delights, live bee hive & native bee hotels and more...

Beechworth and Surrounds

Beechworth & Surrounds

There's lots to discover in our beautiful historic township of Beechworth... 

Events and Demonstrations


Learn all about our latest cooking schools, workshops, outdoor adventures, shows & events... groups welcome



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