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The Beechworth Honey Eucalypt Range includes Red Gum, Ironbark and Yellow Box - three different flavoured honeys collected from three different eucalypt trees all unique to Australia.

While the preference for a particular flavour will be different depending on each individual’s unique palate, nutritionally one variety is as good as the other.  It will be a particular flavour preference however, that will cause an individual to develop one variety as their favourite. 

RED GUM HONEY - the majestic Red Gum eucalypt evokes the very spirit of Australia. A distinctive flavoured honey from flowering Red Gum trees that grow along the flats, billabongs, creeks and rivers across the mainland Australian countryside, to present a premium varietal of truly Australian character.

IRONBARK HONEY - a pleasant, delicate, mild flavoured honey gathered from the group of hardy natives known as Ironbarks. These amazing rough, almost black barked eucalypts are natural survivors of drought and are found in open forests on Australia’s dry sweeping plains and undulating slopes and hillsides.

YELLOW BOX HONEY - a choice varietal honey produced from the magnificent Yellow Box eucalypt species that are found growing in the rich soils of the eastern mainland Australian countryside. The pleasant aroma and fine flavour produces a classic, world class natural honey made delightful by the unique Australian environment itself.

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Honey Red Gum USD 400g

Red Gum Honey 400g

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Ironbark Honey 400g

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Yellow Box Honey 400g


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Red Gum Sachet 14g

Sachet Iron Bark

Ironbark Sachet 14g

Sachet Yellow Box

Yellow Box Sachet 14g

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Did You Know...

A worker bee must fly the equivalent (relative to humans) of three times around the globe to gather approximately 500g of honey.

Honey 400g

Classic Honey 400g

Sachet Classic

Classic Sachet 14g


100% Australian honey is best... Why?

Australia really is the lucky country when it comes to producing honey. We are envied by beekeepers around the world because we are the last remaining country that has not been infested with the deadly varroa mite; a pest that has decimated honeybee populations around the world.

With the origin of the vast majority of Australia’s honey coming from wild growing eucalypts rather than from densely populated crop systems, as happens overseas, Australia’s clean green environment offers less chance of environmental contamination and our bees enjoy a varied diet and healthy environment in which to thrive. 

Australia has one of the highest yields per hive of honey anywhere in the world. High yields are only possible from healthy hives and excellent nectar flows as we enjoy here in Australia.

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Discover our four NEW honey beauty product ranges... Bee Natural combines 100% Australian Beechworth Honey with nut & botanical extracts & oils.

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