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600 385 USD Honey and ToastWant to import a Beechworth Honey product into a new overseas market? 

Here’s what you need to know for us to be able to help you with your inquiry.

We’re excited that you love our products enough to want to share them in a new overseas market. As you will appreciate we receive many inquiries for the export of our products to many different countries around the world. We have been successfully exporting our products for the past 20 years to various markets and have invested considerable time and energy in developing export strategies targeted to different markets. We have always been very choosy about finding just the right market and just the right partners to work with. We value our existing export customers and markets. If we don’t think a market or an opportunity will be a win- win for us and you then we won’t be able to progress your inquiry further.

We choose our trading partners and new market opportunities based on assessing the following information:

1. The opportunity as presented by the market and which products you are interested in
a) You need to explain the market and the market channels you would be working in. The more detail the better. We need to understand what volume of product you would aim to buy and where and how you will sell it. 
b) You also need to tell us which products you are interested in. Honey? Drinks? Beauty? And what pack sizes- also why you feel these will work in your chosen market.

2. Your capacity to launch our branded products into new markets
a) You need to tell us about yourself. We don’t do business with people we don’t know really well and who are not known in their market. 
b) Let us know your website as a beginning, or send a company profile or brochure.

3. Your history of successful sales of food or other products in the target market
a) Tell us who else you currently buy from. 
b) We will need names and addresses so we can ask them about you.

4. Your understanding of your target markets and what it will take to be successful
a) We need to know what you know about your market.

5. Your ability to construct and present a new product introduction/market entry plan
a) You need to explain how you would introduce the products to the market.
b) How would market and support them?

6. Your ability to understand and supply import and customs clearance processes
a) We don’t export any products without a copy of the customs clearance requirements and product specifications that customs will use to allow the products to clear successfully. 
b) You will need to supply these to us so we can pre-test the products prior to them leaving Australia to make sure they will comply with local regulations.

7. Your ability to support a new product launch with the appropriate resources, staff and facilities
a) Your experience in actually doing this in the past is what we are looking for. 
b) Tell us about other products you have brought to market and how you have done this.

8. Your ability to pay for the product in full prior to it leaving Australia
 a. We only work with customers who pay us in before the products leave Australia so please only contact us if you can comply with this requirement.

With the number of inquiries we receive there are some customers who we choose not to develop markets with. They are:
1. Individuals not incorporated as a company
2. Those interested in only importing job lots of product or selling at the lowest cost in the market
3. Those interested in importing products in bulk, unbranded formats for repacking or blending in other countries
4. Those interested in importing products under their own private labels
5. Those who have not successfully launched food products before

In order to properly assess your enquiry we need you to provide truthful and accurate information to us to satisfy all the points above. This helps us to assess your inquiry for fit against our various market strategies and determine if the products you are interested in buying will sell successfully in your chosen market. We will use local sources and business support advisors in various overseas markets to verify the information that you provide to us.

The decision to develop a new customer relationship in an overseas market or expand into a new region is thoroughly and rigorously assessed by our sales, export and marketing team and company directors. We always look for customers who value high quality 100% Australian honey products and our brand, share our vision and whose goals are aligned with ours. Building a new export market for us is the beginning of a long and sustainable relationship with our trading partners. We aim to do this in a way that delivers quality and value to the end customer in the target market and produces good results for both you and us.

We look forward to receiving more information from you and to having enough details to assess your inquiry and make contact with you again. We hope to hear from you again soon. Please also don’t hesitate to contact us if you need us to clarify anything contained in this document.

Yours Sincerely,  
Jodie Goldsworthy
Beechworth Honey Group

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