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Beechworth Honey Hives on Almond CropOur Philosophy

The Beechworth Honey philosophy is for integrity, fairness and sustainability balanced with profitability. Our customers are our most important asset.

We develop mutually rewarding business relationships with the hard working Australian beekeeping families who entrust their product to us. In so doing, the company tries to lead by good example to ensure that business development is not earned through the exploitation of others or of the environment.

We value diversity in people and will always seek to grow and promote the good within the individuals who work for Beechworth Honey, in order to value them appropriately and encourage them to fulfil their potential.

Our Aim 

Our aim is to expand our reputation as being the specialists in Australian honey whilst being mindful and conscious of our social and environmental responsibilities.

Our Quality

We will search for only the best 100% Australian honey and then ensure the most stringent manufacturing practices are followed to produce exceptional honey products.

Our Dream

Our dream is based on our love for our natural environment and the people amongst whom we live. We are conscious of both the beauty and fragility of our surrounds and the sense of responsibility that this brings with it.


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