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Steven and Jodie Goldsworthy

About Beechworth Honey 

Beechworth Honey is one of Australia’s iconic brands because of its heritage, family history and integral role in the beekeeping industry.

Honey is sourced from home hives as well as from apiarists around the country, making Beechworth Honey absolutely, positively 100% Australian honey…always! 

Pictured: Steven & Jodie Goldsworthy 

Our Company

Beechworth Honey’s heritage includes four generations of beekeeping in northeast Victoria.

Beechworth Honey’s state of the art honey processing plant is located at Corowa in NSW (just over the state border from Beechworth), the hub of a large Australian honey gathering network. This location helps streamline the distribution of the company’s growing product range.

Supported by the family’s 120 years of knowledge of apiculture, Beechworth Honey remains an innovative company committed to the highest standards and to always producing the purest quality Australian honey.


Benjamin RobinsonOur History 

The Beechworth Honey story reads more like a fairy tale than a company profile. It started back in the 1880s when Jodie Goldsworthy’s great grandfather, Benjamin Robinson, was mining for gold at Beechworth during Australia’s heady gold rush days.

Benjamin realised a better living could be made from liquid gold (honey) than from solid gold. He soon became an expert apiarist and spent his life chasing blossom for his bees in the surrounding hills and eucalypt forests around northeast Victoria.

Born and bred in Beechworth, Steven and Jodie Goldsworthy purchased their own bees in 1992 and developed the Beechworth Honey label soon after. In 1999 they formed the prestigious and highly awarded company of today.

In 2008, driven by their passion for the Australian honey industry, Jodie and Steven opened Beechworth Honey Experience, an educational centre located in their hometown of Beechworth to demonstrate how honey is produced and to showcase the story of Beechworth Honey. Visitors to the centre can see live bees up close, taste amazing Australian honey and join a free honey tour.


“Our aim is to educate people on the diversity of uses for honey and the fact 65% of Australia’s agricultural produce is pollinated by our honeybees. This reveals just how important they truly are to our food security” – Jodie Goldsworthy


In December 2014 Jodie and Steven opened their second educational centre in Beechworth – Beechworth Honey Discovery. This historic Bank of NSW building has been extended and renovated, and combined with Beechworth Honey Experience, establishes Australia’s most comprehensive honeybee education and resource centres with the aim to highlight the important link between honeybees and our food supply.

Beechworth Honey Discovery features an historic archive and museum of important beekeeping journals and equipment, general store, Food Bowl restaurant featuring Australia’s first “Bee Inspired Menu”, historic cellar door showcasing Beechworth Honey Mead, bee garden with working honeybee colony, native bee hotels and kitchen garden, Blossom Bee play space for children to enjoy, and Waggle Walk to learn all about “A Year in the Life of Our Beekeeper”.

Beechworth Honey has grown to become an innovative company committed to quality. What hasn’t changed since Benjamin Robinson’s days is the ingredient…100% pure Australian honey.

Pictured top right: Benjamin Robinson

Pictured (L to R): Alan Robinson (Jodie's father), Steven Goldsworthy with hives, Ken at Mathoura 1947, Jan Robinson (Jodie's mother) extracting honey from frames. 

Alan RobinsonSteven Billabong Creek 1992

Ken at Mathoura 1947

Jan Robinson

Beechworth Honey hives on an almond cropOur Future 

Beechworth Honey is a valued player in the Australian honey industry. The company is always looking for innovative ways of improving the marketing opportunities for Australian honey, both domestically and internationally. 

Beechworth Honey has been a leader in the quest to improve public awareness of the importance of bees and to ensure the Australian public understand that two-thirds of our agricultural production relies on honeybees for pollination. Market research indicates that this message, via the industry’s various public relations activities, has successfully reached millions of people.

Beechworth Honey is committed to continuing its lead role in the space of public education and awareness of the complex, cumulative and interrelated threats to honeybees and beekeeping. Of particular concern is the rapid decline in the number of beekeepers in Australia. There has been a decline of 30% of Australia’s mainstream beekeepers since 2008. This statistic means that 60% of Australia’s honey is produced by 250 beekeepers. Put simply, Australia’s future food security and agricultural prosperity lies in the hands of around 1400 barely viable, ageing beekeepers. 

There is an urgent need for greatly improved Government policy outcomes and interventions, increased research and development and a platform that enables the ability to leverage a greater premium for Australian honey products to keep pace with the cost of production. 

Jodie Goldsworthy was a key driver in mounting the “Food Security needs Bee Security Campaign” in 2011 which resulted in the Senate Inquiry into the “Science underpinning the decision to cease eradication of the Asian honeybee”. The outcomes of the inquiry clearly demonstrated the inadequacies in regard to preparedness for an exotic pest or disease incursion and highlight the serious market failure that exists with the current classification of pest threats as Category Three. Such categorisation requires the beekeeping industry to ‘carry the can’ for Australia’s future food security, pollination dependent industries and broader food manufacturing industry sourcing honey and pollinated food products. 

The annual value of honey bee pollination services to Australian agriculture is estimated to be around $1.7 billion. This campaign was a key driver in raising awareness among key agricultural and food industry stakeholders such as the National Farmers Federation and the Australian Food and Grocery Council to which Beechworth Honey is a member.

Jodie Goldsworthy with Rabobank AwardOur Awards

 Beechworth Honey is the proud recipient of many prestigious awards including:

  • TripAdvisor - Certificate of Excellence - 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 
  • Regional Victorian Business Achievement Awards - Winner - 2013
  • RACV Tourism Awards - Finalist - 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 
  • ActionCOACH My Business Awards - Best Medium Business - 2012 
  • ActionCOACH My Business Awards - Winner - 2008 
  • Business Awards, Indigo Shire - Excellence in Tourism - 2012 
  • Sydney Royal Fine Food Show - Gold Medal (Honey & Vanilla Bean) - 2011
  • 18th Australian HACCP Conference Award - Winner - 2011 
  • Tidy Towns - Sustainable Communities Awards - Award Winner - 2011
  • The Age Harvest Picnic at Hanging Rock - Gold medal for best display - 2010 
  • Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology - Membership (Jodie Goldsworthy) - 2010 
  • NSW Telstra Australian Business Award - Finalist - 2009 
  • Australian Small Business Champions Award (Agribusiness) - Winner - 2008 
  • Regional Achievement & Community Awards - Winner 'Business Enterprise' - 2007Jodie and Steven Goldsworthy with Bordermail Award
  • 14th Australian HACCP Conference Award - Winner 'Food Safety' - 2007 
  • Austrlaian Deputy Prime Minister's REgional Women's Advisory Council - Advisor (Jodie Goldsworthy) - 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 
  • Regional Achievement & Community Awards - Semi-finalist - 2006 
  • Rabobank Agribusiness Awards for Excellence - Finalist 'Rural Enterprise' - 2003, 2004, 2005 
  • Rabobank Agribusiness Emerging Leader of the Year - Finalist (Jodie Goldsworthy) - 2005
  • Rabobank Agribusiness Leader of the Year - Finalist (Jodie Goldsworthy) - 2003, 2004 
  • Rabobank Agribusiness Awards for Excellence - Finalist 'Supply Chain Management' - 2003 
  • Border Mail Business Achievement Awards - Winner - 1998, 2001 
  • Business Achiever of the Year and Manufacturing Award - Winner - 2001 
  • Rabobank Agribusiness Awards for Excellence - Winner 'Supply Chain Management' - 1999
  • Telstra NSW Young Business Woman of the Year - Winner (Jodie Goldsworthy) - 1999 
  • Telstra Victorian Government Small Business Award - Regional Finalist - 1998 

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