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Group Visits

The Honey Shop and our Bee School provide all age groups with a fun, interactive learning experience. Visitors are offered the opportunity to enjoy and explore the amazing world of honeybees.

Step inside The Honey Shop and discover the unique story of delicious 100% Australian honey. Enjoy our free educational honey tour and learn the history behind this unique family business and the fascinating process at Beechworth Honey of gathering and supplying honey to market. See live bees up close and sample Australia’s largest range of premium honeys while browsing our great array of honey products, drinks and homewares.

Make the next stop on your itinerary Bee School by Beechworth Honey, just a short walk down Ford Street. This education space is inspired by bees and their importance to our food security. Enjoy complimentary daily demonstrations and talks, food and drink tastings or relax in our bee-friendly garden.

These activities, as well as exciting cooking demonstrations, reinforce the important message that one in every three mouthfuls of food is all thanks to our honey bees and their pollination of Australia’s agricultural produce.

If your group is looking to do something a little more hands-on why not book a workshop or cooking class in the Hive Kitchen. Beekeeping enthusiasts can read and research in the Historic Archive; a unique centre full of rare beekeeping books, photographs, journals and displays.

We recommend at least 45 minutes at The Honey Shop followed by a visit to the Bee School. Please discuss with us your requirements.

Open Hours

The Honey Shop is open from 9am to 5.30pm 7 days a week

Tours are available between 9am to 4.30 pm 7 days a week, excluding public holidays

The Bee School by Beechworth Honey offers a daily program and weekend classes. See the activities board in the courtyard for the latest times.

Entry Fees


Bookings are required for the Beechworth Honey Archive as well as a gold coin donation to the Wheen Bee Foundation

Contact Us

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Bookings are essential. Please contact our friendly team for more details.   

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School Groups

The Honey Shop Tour and our Bee School provide students of all age groups with a fun, interactive learning experience. It invokes a powerful sense of discovery as students explore the amazing world of honeybees, pollination and food security.

We explore the education curriculum in the following ways;

Literacy and communications – written and verbal information on how honey is produced, and the Australian honey industry

Numeracy – space, geometry and number of bees in the hive, quantities of honey produced by the hive, time taken to produce honey, lay eggs, etc

Science – how a bee hive works, biology of the hive, the environment, botany and ecosystems, threats to bees

Food studies – food production, pollination & food security, food science and food safety, cooking with honey as a natural ingredient

History – honey production in historic Beechworth since the 1880’s, changes to the Australian honey industry over a hundred year period, the past, present and future

Geography – distribution of honey production throughout Australia and export markets

Careers and vocational education – working as a beekeeper, working in family business, business management, marketing, export and business development

Commerce and business studies – family business case study, business development case study, marketing case study

Graphic design, IT, multimedia and visual communications – interactive DVD based tour and interactive displays, design and information presentation style examples


In order to fully immerse the students in our education program we recommend at least 45 minutes to complete the honey tour, find the queen bee in the live bee hive and taste over 30 different varieties of our unique Australian honey.

Bookings are essential. Please contact our friendly team for more details.   

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