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600 385 USD Honey and ToastWant to stock a Beechworth Honey product in your café, store or retail outlet?

Here’s what you need to know for us to be able to help you with your inquiry.

We’re excited that you love our products enough to want to share them with your customers. As you will appreciate we receive many inquiries for our products. We have been successfully selling our products for more than 20 years to various market channels and have invested considerable time and energy in developing sales and marketing strategies targeted to different markets. We have always been very choosy about finding just the right customers to stock our products and we don’t apologise for this. We also value our existing customers and markets. If we don’t think a market or an opportunity will be a win-win for us and you then we won’t be able to progress your inquiry further.

We choose our trading partners and new market opportunities based on assessing the following information:

1. The opportunity as presented by the store and it’s location and which products you are interested in.
a) You need to explain your store and market channel. The more detail the better. We need to understand what volume of product you would aim to sell and where and how you will sell it. 
b) You also need to tell us which products you are interested in. Honey? Drinks? Beauty? And what pack sizes- also why you feel these will work in your chosen market.

2. What you or your store is all about.
a) You need to tell us about yourself. We don’t do business with people we don’t know really well and who we feel confident with in selling our products. 
b) Let us know your website as a beginning, or send a company profile or brochure.
c) We also try not to introduce new customers who will impact on our existing ones so your location is important.

With the number of inquiries we receive there are some customers who we choose not to develop markets with. They are:
1. Individuals not incorporated as a company
2. Those interested in only buying job lots of product or selling online, via e-bay or at farmers or other markets, and those wanting the lowest cost in the market
3. Those interested in buying product to re-export through friends and family
4. Those interested in selling products under their own private label brands
5. Those who have not successfully launched food products before or who are not genuine food retailers with an ABN.

In order to properly assess your enquiry we need you to provide truthful and accurate information to us to satisfy all the points above. This helps us to assess your inquiry for fit against our various market strategies and determine if the products you are interested in buying will sell successfully in your chosen market. We will use local sources and business support advisors in various locations to verify the information that you provide to us.

In order to qualify for our wholesale prices the following terms will apply:
1. You will need to supply your business name, address and an ABN to demonstrate that you are a registered business and to ensure we do not already have an assigned trading arrangement within your area.
2. Our minimum order is $250.00 (exclusive of freight).
3. All freight will be charged in addition to our prices attached and we are happy to provide you with a quotation prior to processing and despatch of your order.
4. Payment is required in full prior to despatch of your order. Payment can be made by direct deposit to our bank account (please insert your business name as the direct deposit reference so we can trace your payment).
5. Our normal lead time is 7 – 10 days from receipt of your order to despatch following your receipt of payment.
6. A 30 day credit account can be arranged following credit application and approval processes.

1. We can only pack orders of up to 30 cartons into courier shipping cartons per order. The number of courier shipping cartons that we can dispatch (due to restrictions with country based courier companies servicing rural townships and weight and space limits in their vans) per customer order is 12.
2. Any orders of more than 30 cartons cannot be shipped by courier and will be packed onto a pallet or skid and shipped by transport providers with forklift facilities and delivered to an address that can accept and unload pallets by forklift.

We look forward to receiving more information from you and to having enough details to assess your inquiry and make contact with you again. We hope to hear from you again soon. Please also don’t hesitate to contact us if you need us to clarify anything contained in this document.

Yours Sincerely,  
Jodie Goldsworthy
Beechworth Honey Group

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