Australian family beekeepers since the 1880’s. Welcome to the Beechworth Honey story.

Honouring generations of beekeeping knowledge and traditions.

Rich in heritage and family history, Beechworth Honey is one of Australia’s best loved iconic brands.

For over 140 years, our family have been keeping bees around Beechworth producing pure and natural Australian honey. Traditions, techniques and tales are now being passed from the 4th to the 5th generation. Stories of success and failure, hard work and determination and an enduring love for nature and the environment that sustains us.

What drives us


100% Australian honey... always!

Our honey is pure and simple, from hive to home, just as nature intended. 100% Australian honey collected by our network of Australian beekeepers.

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Respect for nature

At Beechworth Honey’s very core is the belief in the preservation of natural habitats and building an environmentally responsible business.

About Bee Cause


Driven by our values

Integrity, fairness and respect are values embedded in our company and brand. We treat our customers, beekeepers and the environment as we would like to be treated. We strongly advocate and act for an industry that supplies pure, unadulterated Australian honey.

Australian honey you can trust that
drives change for a healthier planet.

Our history - five generations of beekeeping

Our Future

Our family heritage in Australian beekeeping gives us a unique perspective on the future. For us it’s about more than honey. It’s about maintaining a fine balance to keep 100% Australian honey and all the foods pollinated by Australian beehives on your table for generations to come.

The practice of keeping bees is 100% dependent on a healthy and sustainable environment. Our life’s work is to make a real and tangible impact in the way people understand, purchase and value their honey.

One of the greatest joys of beekeeping is working in beautiful Australian landscapes. Understanding and respecting the delicate natural ecosystem that is home to bees and pollinators provides endless inspiration. We are privileged to share the unique character of the Australian landscape through our honey.

Fronting our advocacy work

Jodie Goldsworthy

You never know where life will take you. Jodie never imagined most of her work would be about protecting bees and advocating for actions that would improve the sustainability of the Australian beekeeping industry. Her passion for bees and food security combined with being a fourth generation beekeeper has lead her to build a legacy in addition to having created Australia’s largest independently owned specialist honey group.