The Bee Arboretum

A project by Beechworth Honey

Our ongoing commitment to planting trees for bees and passion for education and awareness is inspiring others to take action.

The Bee Arboretum is a project by Beechworth Honey and a part of our ongoing commitment to planting trees for bees.

The arboretum is a dedicated plot of land outside Beechworth and has been specifically planted with a range of pollinator-friendly trees and shrubs that are native to Australia. The project is designed to support bees, create awareness, and inspire action to drive change for a healthier planet.

Bee Arboretum Passion

Our Passion

We know that there is a symbiotic relationship between plants and bees. One can’t exist without the other. Bees help plants produce their seeds and plants provide bees with their nutritional needs, nectar and pollen. A healthy environment relies on bees to sustain us all.

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Our Purpose

The Bee Arboretum is part of our broader focus on education and awareness. A changing climate means some things that have grown native and local to Beechworth might no longer be suitable for this climate. This site will be a valuable asset for future data collection and an opportunity for others to learn and be inspired to take action.

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1% for the Planet

Our Contribution

As a proud 1% for the Planet member, 1% of our global Bee Cause sales revenue goes to nonprofit partners that support trees, bees and the environment. These funds contribute to our commitment to planting trees for bees and support our local partners who help with our ongoing tree planting initiatives.

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The Bee Arboretum is home to 3,000 native trees and 37 different species, each specifically chosen to support bees and other pollinators.

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Planting Trees for Bees