Jodie Goldsworthy

Beechworth Honey Co-Founder

Jodie Goldsworthy is a fourth-generation apiarist, co-founder, and Director of Beechworth Honey Group, Australia’s largest independently owned specialist honey business. Her family has been beekeeping in Beechworth since the 1880’s.

Jodie is the outgoing President of the Oceania Regional Commission of Apimondia and was recently awarded a life membership for her services to the global beekeeping community. Apimondia is an international organisation that represents beekeepers worldwide and protects honeybees. Jodie is also a current Board Member of the Wheen Bee Foundation, a not for profit working to protect bees. In 2021 she finished a six year term on the Board of Directors of the Australian Food & Grocery Council advocating for a more sustainable Australian food industry. Former Board roles include the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council, Tourism North East, President of the Honey Packers & Marketers Association of Australia, a member of the Deputy Prime Minister’s Regional Women’s Advisory Council and the Australian Government’s Food Processing Industry Strategy Group.

Jodie’s passion projects include establishing a Bee Arboretum – a specialist planting for bees just outside Beechworth and developing a ‘Bee School’ to educate school children about the importance of bees.

Jodie is a strong advocate for the recognition of the essential role of honeybees in food production. She is driven to work to disrupt honey adulteration and has spoken out against ‘fake’ honey imports into Australia. Jodie is a sought-after international speaker on the topic of honey authenticity and is a founding member of the International Working Group Against Honey Adulteration. She collaborates globally for better honey quality standards and traceability to keep beekeepers viable and bees pollinating food crops, improving biodiversity and positively contributing to our planet.

Jodie is an innovator and advocate for positive change. She led the development of the Beechworth Honey Bee Cause range, created to shine a spotlight on the plight of bees. As our climate changes and ecosystems and bee habitats are threatened, she firmly believes that we need to act with urgency as individuals and as businesses. Jodie’s leadership and many projects undertaken within Beechworth Honey and in collaboration with others do just that.

Beechworth Honey is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, a global alliance of businesses and individuals that support environmental solutions through everyday actions. 1% of Beechworth Honey’s global Bee Cause sales revenue goes to our nonprofit partners that support the environment, bees and biodiversity.

For Jodie, every day is filled with actions that recognise that her work is much more than jars of honey. Her drive and passion reflect the true importance of honeybees and guide her work intuitively to better position bees and beekeepers to sustain us all into the future.

Jodie’s work is steadfastly supported by her husband and co-founder of Beechworth Honey – a hard-working Australian beekeeper who prefers being amongst their bees and speaking with other Australian beekeepers than agitating for change. Their shared vision, combined skills, insights and values have gathered a team of passionate bee advocates and worker bees who together make Beechworth Honey a business that punches well above its weight and is valued for all the right reasons.