Bee Education Resources

Bee and pollination-related resources for primary and secondary students providing science-based information.

Native Bees Fact Sheet

Native Bees

Australia has an estimated 2500 native bee species. Over 1600 have been identified and named, with scientists believing an extra 1000 exist.

Done Bees Fact Sheet Student Resources

Drone Bees

A drone can be seen at the entrance to the hive. His big eyes make him easy to spot. The drone is hoping that there is plenty of food in store and that the workers will feed him.

Supporting Bees Fact Sheet

Supporting Bees

Our top tips for encouraging pollinators into your space and supporting them when they’re there!

Queen Bee Resource Fact Sheets

Queen Bees

The Queen Bee can be seen inspecting cells as she gets ready to lay her eggs.

Structure of a Hive Fact Sheet

Structure of a Hive

A standard beehive consists of a bottom board, a brood chamber, a honey super, a lid that straps or clips to hold it all together and a colony of honey bees.

Worker Bees Fact Sheet Student Resources

Worker Bees

Worker bees’ hairy bodies collect pollen which the bees can then move to their ‘pollen baskets’ on their hind legs to take back to the hive.

Life in the Hive Fact Sheet

Life in the Hive

Life in the hive is busy, many hands make light work!

Bee School by Beechworth Honey

Bee School

Interactive learning experiences for primary and secondary students

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Bee Education Learning Kits

Bee Education Learning Kits

Bee Education Learning Kits include lesson plans for an 11-week unit of work, with beautifully designed resources that enhance the classroom experience.

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