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A trusted part of the Australian
landscape for over 130 years.

Our Future

We are a company driven by our values of quality, integrity, positive impact and bee and planet health. We will continue to produce and sell 100% Australian honey…so you can feel good about the honey you buy.

Beechworth Honey is committed to continuing its leadership role in advocating for bees and the preservation of bee habitats. The complex, cumulative and interrelated threats to honeybees and beekeeping from a changing climate and ‘fake’ honey motivates us to educate and advocate.

There has been a decline of 30% in Australia’s mainstream beekeepers since 2008. This statistic means that 60% of Australia’s honey is produced by a shrinking number of beekeepers. Put simply, Australia’s future food security and agricultural prosperity lies in the hands of around 1400 stretched and very hardworking beekeepers.

“Our aim is to educate people on the diversity of uses for honey and the fact 65% of Australia’s agricultural produce is pollinated by honeybees. This reveals just how important they truly are to our food security.”

– Jodie Goldsworthy

Our Difference

The Beechworth Honey philosophy is for integrity, fairness and sustainability balanced with profitability. Our customers are our most important asset.

We develop mutually rewarding business relationships with the hard working Australian beekeeping families who entrust their product to us. In so doing, the company tries to lead by good example to ensure that business development is not earned through the exploitation of others or of the environment.

We value diversity in people and will always seek to grow and promote the good within the individuals who work for Beechworth Honey, in order to value them appropriately and encourage them to fulfil their potential.


The reality is that there are major threats related to both Australian beekeeping and our agricultural production that relies on honeybees for vital pollination.

Sadly, the significant decline (30% since 2008) of Australia’s mainstream beekeepers reminds us of how important the critical need for improved Government policy and increased honeybee research is. We want to help ensure the sustainability of Australia’s future food security and pollination dependent industries that include sourcing honey and pollinated food products.

As honey specialists, we believe that by raising these social and environmental issues, we can also promote the superior qualities of 100% Australian honey around the country and around the world.

Our difference, honey made with
expert hands.

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