Historic Australian Beekeeping
Archive & Museum

Visit our Historic Archive and Museum to discover our collection of Australian beekeeping artefacts, journals and books, plus an rare collection on loan from the Victorian Apiarists Association.

Delve into the history of beekeeping by visiting Beechworth Honey’s historic archive and museum. Discover the way the beekeeping industry has developed over the years by exploring a vast collection of artefacts and journals.

Beekeeping Artefacts

Explore a variety of artefacts used by aparists today and in the past! From homemade smokers and honey tins to honey extractors and historical bee boxes, you will be provided with an immersive experience about the history of beekeeping.  A rare collection is on loan to Beechworth Honey from the Victorian Apiarists Society, showcasing the history of beekeeping through journals, photographs, and a collection of artefacts.

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Library & Journals

Delve into the world of a beekeeper by exploring journals and diaries written by apiarists. Our extensive library provides a wide range of information on any and all questions you may have about the world of bees. From the roles bees play in pollination, to industry reports, hive products, and the relationship between honey and health, there is something to interest everyone!

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Education & Learning

Bee School by Beechworth Honey incorporates the historic archive in many of its programs. Visitors to Bee School are provided with the opportunity to explore the tools used by aparists, photographs of beekeeping practice from the past, and have access to our extensive library and beekeeping journals. This allows visitors to gain an in-depth understanding of the fascinating world of honey beekeeping!

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Visiting Us

Visitors may view items on display within the Historic Archive & Beekeeping Museum by booking a research and reading session in the Historic Archive room. Bookings are essential.

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Bookings are essential. Please contact our friendly team for more details.


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The Beechworth Honey Shop

The Beechworth Honey Shop

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Bee School by Beechworth Honey

Bee School by Beechworth Honey

Visit Bee School and learn about the importance of bees, honey, and biodiversity, and leave with a better understanding of the natural environment that sustains us.

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The Hive Apartment

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