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Collected from Australian apiaries, Beechworth Honey is proud to present a range of pure honey products of the highest quality… just as Mother Nature intended.

Australia’s pristine environment and unique climate produces some of the best honeys the world has to offer. All honeys are sweet but when each is tasted individually it is amazing how much difference there is. The range of aromas and flavours are astonishing and range from delicate, fruity, warm and bold. Each different blossom that bees collect the nectar and pollen from, gives each honey variety its unique flavour characteristics.

No preservatives or additives are needed to keep Beechworth Honey fresh – this natural food is unchanged from the hive to when we eat it. Look no further for the sweetener of the future. The Beechworth Honey classic blend has its own naturally distinctive Australian flavour and consistency. Beechworth Honey selects from the finest the Australian crop has to offer for a pure natural product.

Our Products

Honey Jar 325g 800 800

325g Jar

Honey Jar 500g

500g Jar

Honey Squeeze 375g 800 800

375g Squeeze

Honey Squeeze 500g

500g Squeeze

Honey 400g Upside Down

400g Upside Down

Honey 500g Upside Down

500g Upside Down

Honey 1kg Billy

1kg Billy

Honey Billy 1.5kg 800 800

1.5kg Billy

Honey 3kg Billy

3kg Billy

Yummy Honey USD 350g 800 800

350g Yummy Honey

800 800 Sachet Classic 14g

Classic Honey Sachet 14g

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Did You Know...

Why is Australia's honey so unique?

Australia is renowned around the world as having some of the highest quality honeys produced in any continent.

With our hot, dry climate and unique eucalypt trees, honeybees ripen nectar into honey by flapping their wings to reduce the moisture content and by adding their natural enzymes. 

Australian honey is some of the thickest, densest honeys in the world. Our climate effectively gives honeybees a head start with reducing the moisture content as they ripen the nectar into honey. The Australian continent is also unique in that our flora which bees produce honey from is predominantly of eucalypt species origin. To common Australians these trees are referred to simply as “gum trees” from the “bush”; that all encompassing term which has so influenced our honey but also the Australian character.

For these reasons at Beechworth Honey we only use 100% Australian honey…always! We would never risk compromising the quality or uniqueness of our honey by using honey produced in other parts of the world.

100% Australian honey is best... Why?

Australia really is the lucky country when it comes to producing honey.

We are envied by beekeepers around the world because we are the last remaining country that has not been infested with the deadly varroa mite; a pest that has decimated honeybee populations around the world.

In all countries outside of Australia honeybees can only exist with the intervention of mankind.

Largely all the wild or feral honeybees that live in the environment have died out because of this varroa mite.

With the origin of the vast majority of Australia’s honey coming from wild growing eucalypts rather than from densely populated crop systems, as happens overseas, Australia’s clean green environment offers less chance of environmental contamination and our bees enjoy a varied diet and healthy environment in which to thrive. 

Australia has one of the highest yields per hive of honey anywhere in the world. High yields are only possible from healthy hives and excellent nectar flows as we enjoy here in Australia.

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Our commitment to the community, environment, & Australian beekeeping industy.

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