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Single Varietal Honey

Bee Bold
Ribbon Gum Honey

Jar 350g

Ribbon Gum Honey is medium amber to amber in colour and has a aromas of a damp, earthy Australian forest floor. It has bold, slightly medicinal flavours with a pleasant menthol sensation on the finish. This is a savoury honey with very mild sweetness and has an aftertaste that lingers on. A smooth liquid honey that is very slow to crystallise.




Botanical Information

Ribbon Gum (Eucalyptus viminalis) is also know as Manna Gum and has white shiny bark that hangs in ribbons down its long straight trunk. It grow up to 40 metres tall and thrives in gullies with rich damp soil. Source: Flora of Australia.

It flowers every two to five years in autumn, and produces good pollen and nectar for bees.

Geographical Information

Ribbon Gums are found widely in the wetter parts of south eastern Australia from south eastern Qld down to Tas and SA.

About Single Varietal Honey

The flavours of single varietal honey reflect a plant source and its unique flowers, pollen and nectar. Our single varietal honeys are a true reflection of nature with each plant species creating distinctly different colours, tastes and textures of honey.


100% Australian Honey

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