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Bee Cause Seeds

Every home gardener can make an impact! This collection of seeds will not only produce flowers that look and smell wonderful, they will attract bees into your garden by producing valable pollen and nectar – a vital food source for these hardworking creatures.

1% of our global Bee Cause sales revenue goes to nonprofit partners that support the environment, bees and biodiversity.

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Bee Friendly Seeds

Why are bees important?

Bees are remarkable, hardworking creatures that are responsible for pollinating two-thirds of Australia’s agricultural production. They provide so much more than honey they are integral in maintaining a healthy food and agricultural ecosystem.

How do plants attract bees?

Regardless of the bee species, there are common floral traits that attract most bees. White, yellow, purple or blue are colours that attract bees. Flowers that bees love exude a pleasant but mild aroma. It turns out that all bees search for flowers that produce nectar, pollen or both.


Alyssum, brachycome, centaurea, cynoglossum, eschscholzia, gilia, lavender, linaria, myosotis, nemophila, papaver, sage, salvia, viola.

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