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Honey, Banana & Walnut Loaf Baking Pack

For the keen baker and honey lover in your life, our Honey, Banana and Walnut Baking Pack includes all the essentials to create delicious cakes and loafs at home.

Includes a Beechworth Honey Traditional Honey 950g reusable jar you can repurpose to store walnuts or your favourite pantry staples.

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Honey, Banana & Walnut Baking Pack

What’s Included?

1 x Beechworth Honey Traditional Honey Jar 950g
1 x Loaf Tin 23cm x 12cm
1 x Honey Bee Pot Holder
1 x Reusable Mesh Vegetable Bag
200g Walnuts
Honey, Banana & Walnut Loaf Recipe Card

Wash the cake tin in warm water and detergent, then dry thoroughly in a warm oven. Do not use abrasives of any kind. Season tin with a light coat of oil to protect the tin coating and help prevent corrosion.


Beechworth Honey Traditional Honey
100% Australian Honey

Australian Walnuts
100% Australian Walnuts

Allergen Advice

Australian Walnuts
This product contains whole walnuts.

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