A Beekeeper’s Christmas

The end of the year means different things to different families. Celebrations and festivities with family is the common theme amongst us all regardless of our backgrounds.

A Beekeeper's Christmas

Jodie & Steven Goldsworthy ensure Beechworth Honey hives are happy and healthy before the Christmas season. 

Traditions are passed down from generation to generation and we enjoy special foods prepared by special people in special ways. Or at least if we are lucky we do. Our thoughts are with those whose Christmas and festive season is not what they had planned.

The festive season for us is always busy but a good type of busy. Bees, visitors to Beechworth, and a little time to relax means we love the festive season. At this time of the year, I get to spend more time meeting and talking to many families who visit us in our shop in Beechworth. It’s such a joy and a pleasure to see families and friends spending time together and travelling through beautiful north east Victoria. I love hearing where they are all from, how they are occupying their holiday time, and where home is for them.

Steven holding Beechworth Honey honeycomb

Steven checks for full frames of honeycomb which will be used to make specialty honeycomb products. 

As we finish up the year it’s always good to have bees shifted to their next location so they can look after themselves for a few weeks. We hope that they will continue to fill their honeycomb while we celebrate with our family and we hope that this will give us full frames that we can take as excess from what the hives need in the New Year. Steven still produces most of the honeycomb for our specialty honeycomb products and so at this time of the year, it’s always a wait-and-see game.

Meanwhile, our loads of carefully packaged honey are as ready as they can be to continue to roll out to our customers across the country and overseas while the holidays are on. Most of our amazing team get a little break but many are still on deck to keep up with orders, hopefully delight our visitors or do a general catch-up before the new year has us filling jars all over again.

Bee on eucalyptus leaves

Supporting bees, beekeepers, and pollination is our ongoing focus as we move into the new year.

What we do simply would not exist if it weren’t for all our wonderful customers who support our products year in and year out. We are always so grateful and humbled by the support of our loyal customers. Thank you for keeping us, our bees, and our beekeepers in a very important job. For us, our life is much more than putting honey in jars. With enthusiasm and passion, our family and our team do what we do because we know that bees are critical to pollination, food supply and biodiversity. It’s through your support that we can have the impact that we have to protect bees and beekeepers for a better future for us all.

Our beekeepers are facing uncertain and difficult times due to the combined challenges of varroa which has now been established in parts of New South Wales and also because of threats posed by factory-made honey flooding our markets. We rely on your support now and in the future. These times are challenging for many but with sound choices, we can all create positive outcomes for the long term.

From our family to yours thank you for your ongoing support and we very much look forward to seeing you in Beechworth sometime soon. Our very best wishes to you and your family for a safe and happy festive season and year’s end.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Beechworth soon!

Steven & Jodie Goldsworthy

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