Know Where Your Honey Comes From

It is a hard thing to understand that brands Australians have known for decades, that they grew up with, are now filled with imported honey. It just doesn’t seem possible. But it is.


Honey bee on Australian Spotted Gum

The more that I talk to people in our stores about what honey they are buying the more I realise that many have been buying honey labelled “mixed blossom” with no idea this is imported and quite likely from a high risk food fraud country.

Most people I speak to about this feel really disappointed and confused about what honey they should buy. Fortunately the Australian government recently changed the rules and as of 1 July 2018 all honey in Australia has to have a country of origin label.

So what can the Australian public do? Buy Australian Honey! The question is to know how and here is our simple guide…

  • If it says mixed blossom on the front, it is most probably imported.
  • Turn the pack over and find the Country of Origin label – it must be on pack for all honey sold in Australia now.
  • Look for the statement “Product of Australia” or “Made in Australia from 100% Australian ingredients/honey”. These statements assure you the product is Australian honey:
  • Buy honey from trusted sources – look for local beekeepers or family owned businesses that have trustworthy reputations and practices.
  • Sometimes a product may say it has a small percentage of imported product – check the ingredient list in this case, some 100% Australian honey has things like vanilla, cinnamon, ginger from reputable international sources combined with it for novelty and flavour – these are still totally safe and contain 100% Australian honey as an ingredient. The inclusions will be clearly labeled in the ingredient list.
  • If you ever have any questions about a Beechworth Honey product or country of origin labels in general our customer service team are always really happy to help. Please call or email us with your questions.

Thanks for caring about the importance of buying 100% Australian honey – after all the humble bee pollinates ⅔ of our fresh produce.


Jodie and Steve Goldsworthy

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