Top 5 Things To Do in Beechworth in Spring

With the weather still pretty changeable and the high country chill just starting to warm up, a little local exploring and loop of the lake is what we love to do at this time of the year. Beechworth has some incredible local points of interest and natural destinations that can have you feeling like you’re miles away from everywhere. Jump in the car and venture only a short distance from the middle of Beechworth to discover some of our favourite spring locations.

Flat Rock Beechworth

Wild & Majestic – Flat Rock

Start you day on the outskirts of Beechworth. Flat Rock is the wild and curious granite rock which rises out of the ground gently to form a broad view of the small farms dotted between Beechworth and the Woolshed Valley. You can easily wander amongst the stringy bark and apple box trees and make your way to the top of the rock. The perfect vantage point to admire the morning sunrise or, just take some time to enjoy the view.

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Beechworth Historic Precinct

Beechworth Historic Precinct

Spend the morning immersing yourself in Beechworth’s rich history and discover the tales and stories from within the walls of the Historic Precinct. Explore the old Courthouse, the place where it all began for Ned Kelly – where his mother, Ellen, was sentenced to three years gaol, causing the uprising of one of Australia’s greatest icons. Send a telegraph from the Telegraph Station or meander through the Burke Museum and learn more about the gold rush and what kicked off the development of the town of Beechworth.

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Beechworth Fish & Chips

Lakeside Fish & Chips

Lunch time! Our local fish shop is traditional fish and chips on a different scale. Their famous sweet potato cakes are a must try and the spiced cauliflower dunked in yummy homemade batter served with Greek herbed yogurt won’t disappoint. Grab a little pack of something and warm your lap with your parcel of goodies as you make the short two minute drive for a lakeside lunch at Lake Sambell.

Ageing Frog Fish & Chips

Lake Sambell Walk Beechworth

A Lap Around the Lake

Fish and chips in hand, Lake Sambell’s ‘Sandy Beach’ is picnickers paradise and the starting point for an afternoon short walk. Beechworth has a plethora of short family friendly walks from guided walking tours around the historic streets and precinct to  nature filled bush walks. One of our favourites is most certainly a lap (or two) around Lake Sambell. Starting a ‘Sandy Beach’ follow the trails around the perimeter of the lake and past the claybanks on the far side. Be sure to notice the native eucalyptus species and birdlife that call the lake home.

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Beechworth Honey Ice Cream

Beechworth Honey Ice Cream

After a lap of Lake Sambell, you’ve earnt a well deserved sweet treat and for us all roads lead back to Beechworth Honey! Pop into the Beechworth Honey Shop and pick yourself up a delicious Ironbark Honey Ice Cream. Smooth and creamy and made with 100% Australian honey. Eat it quickly before it melts. A Spring day well spent experiencing the best of Beechworth!

Beechworth Honey Shop

Beechworth,Victoria 3747

Getting to Beechworth

Nestled in Victoria’s scenic northeast, Beechworth is renowned for its gourmet food producers, independent wineries and breweries, boutique shopping, historic streetscapes and picturesque countryside.

We’re an easy three-hour drive from Melbourne, four and a half hours from Canberra and seven hours from Sydney, or just a one-hour drive from Albury Airport.

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Beechworth Honey Hive Apartment

Stay in Beechworth

Built in 1856, The Hive Apartment by Beechworth Honey is situated in the former bank managers residence of the bank of New South Wales.

A lovely light filled three bedroom apartment in the historic Bank of NSW building, located right in the heart of Beechworth. A central location, perfect for exploring Beechworth’s dining, retail and historic streetscape.

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