Varroa Mite Detection & Eradication

Beechworth Honey is saddened to learn about the incursion of varroa at Newcastle, however it is important to note that this is something that the industry has been preparing for for a long time. We are confident in the robust systems and processes which have been enacted for when a situation like this arises. We are pleased that there is a strong effort to eradicate this pest.

The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council, representing the country’s beekeepers along with the NSW Department of Primary Industries are working closely with scientific experts to provide beekeepers and pollination dependent industries with guidance and instructions as we move through the next critical weeks and months.

Now is not the time to speculate about what will happen if this pest is established, our focus should solely be on the eradication effort and doing everything we can to achieve this.

Incursions of varroa have occurred before in Australia and these systems have been tested. We now have to allow this process to take place and all work together to achieve the same outcome.

We are not expecting any immediate shortages of honey or lack of availability of honey on shelves.

Honey is an amazing product and can be stored for prolonged periods of time. It is normal for honey packers to be carrying stocks of honey, which in this situation (and for winter months when bees don’t produce honey in cold weather) ensures that there is not going to be a lack of availability in the immediate future.

Beechworth Honey has worked extensively on the preparation for varroa and are longstanding advocates for strong biosecurity protocols.

Beechworth Honey is one of the largest financial contributors to the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council, a critical organisation which plays an essential role at a time like this.

Beechworth Honey is also a financial contributor to Plan Bee, a research and planning project established through the efforts of the Wheen Bee Foundation, which assists the country in being prepared to manage varroa in the event that this unwanted pest does establish in Australia.

Through our beekeeper, scientific and global networks, Beechworth Honey will continue to play a range of key roles as each day unfolds within this incursion. As always, we are here for our beekeepers and will support them through this uncertain time.

We thank our customers for their concern for our bees and our beekeepers.

– Jodie & Steven Goldsworthy

For further information, visit the Department of Primary Industries website:

Media Release (26 June 2022)
Varroa Mite Alert Page

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