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Bee Cause Honey

Bee Cause
Bush Honey

Measuring Jar 550g

Bee Cause Bush Honey is the quintessential Australian eucalypt honey, clean, smooth and uncomplicated with a medium sweetness and mild aftertaste. It is produced in locations we all dream of disappearing to. Beautiful Australian bush with clean air and magnificent eucalypt trees, where the iconic Australian bushman once called home and where indigenous Australians have lived for tens of thousands of years.

The ultimate jar! Keep it and re-use it. Full of pure honey with handy measuring lines on the side, and a tasty salad dressing recipe.

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About Bee Cause

Bee Cause is a project and range of honeys that was created to shine a spotlight on the plight of bees. 1% of the global sales revenue of Beechworth Honey’s Bee Cause Range goes to not-for-profit partners that support the environment, bees and biodiversity. Bee Cause is a member of the global environmental initiative, 1% for the Planet.



100% Australian honey

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Bee Cause Honey

Bee Cause
Bush Honey

Mason Jar 400g

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