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Creamed Honey

Bee Creamy
Honey, Chocolate & Hazelnut

Jar 325g

The combination of creamy honey, with the flavours of hazelnut and chocolate, is a decadent treat that you can enjoy every day. This is not a chocolate and hazelnut spread like many products you can buy. It tastes like honey with the added flavours of chocolate and hazelnut.

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BCCHHAJAR325 Beechworth-Honey-Bee-Creamy-_-Chocolate-Jar

Usage Suggestions

A smooth honey choc hazelnut taste that is perfect as an anytime, anywhere indulgence! Try Creamy Honey Chocolate & Hazelnut as icing on baked treats or mixed into warm milk for a delicious evening drink.

This is my absolute…

This is my absolute favourite thing! It's a delicious treat. We had the jar finished within a week. Definitely getting more...

Georgia, November 4, 2018


100% Australian Honey, Hazelnut Oil, Raw Cacao Powder

Allergen Advice

This product may contain traces of tree nuts

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