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Single Varietal Honey

Bee Fruity
Coolibah Honey

Coolibah Honey is extra light amber to light amber in colour and captures the freshness of spring blossoms amongst the farm orchard. The flavour is clean, fresh and fruity with slight hints of apple or pear.

BFCOOLJAR350 _Beechworth-Honey-Bee-Fruity-Coolibah-Jar
BFCOOLBIL1.5_BeechworthHoney_Coolibah_Tub (1)

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BFCOOLJAR350 _Beechworth-Honey-Bee-Fruity-Coolibah-Jar
BFCOOLBIL1.5_BeechworthHoney_Coolibah_Tub (1)

Botanical Information

Coolibah (Eucalyptus coolabah) is a small, gnarled tree with a short truck and open crown. With the main flowering period in summer, ensuring there is ample water available nearby for the bees is a consideration for beekeepers. Placing the bee hives under shade also helps the risk of heat stress on colonies.

More info: Coolibah

Geographical Information

Coolibah are found in NSW, Qld, NT, SA and WA. They prefer arid and semi-arid regions and areas adjacent to water courses that are normally parched but experience periodic flooding every 4-5 years.

About Single Varietal Honey

The flavours of single varietal honey reflect a plant source and its unique flowers, pollen and nectar. Our single varietal honeys are a true reflection of nature with each plant species creating distinctly different colours, tastes and textures of honey.

I love this honey….

I love this honey. It tastes woody and waxy and a bit sharp, and reminds me of the dry bark and eucalypt smell of gum trees in summer. It also evokes my childhood, so maybe I'm tasting the spirit of summers past. 5/5 would definitely buy again.

llyzard, October 6, 2020


100% Australian Honey

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