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Tastes of Honey
Bee Fruity Honey

Squeeze 400g

Bee Fruity Honey has bright fresh flavours and aromas of citrus, berries and the distinct characteristics of the Australian bush. An everyday honey lovers paradise.




What are ‘fruity’ flavours in honey?

Bee Fruity Honey is a medium amber colour and is an everyday favourite for many honey lovers. Citrus and berry flavours best represent the ‘fruity’ taste spectrum found in honey.



100% Australian Honey

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2 variants

Raw Honey & Honeycomb

Bee Raw
Honey & Honeycomb

Honey with a piece of beeswax honeycomb. Straight from the hive to your home.

Total: $12.50

Product type



Traditional Honey

Traditional Honey

Tub 1kg

Tub 1kg $16.50

1kg tub - pure Australian honey

Total: $16.50

Limited Release

Single Varietal Honey

Bee Bold
Alpine Ash Honey

Jar 350g

Jar 350g $10.00

Alpine Ash is a delicious savoury honey with strong complex flavours.

Total: $10.00


Traditional Honey

Traditional Honey

Squeeze 400g

Squeeze 400g $7.50

400g squeeze bottle - pure Australian honey.

Total: $7.50