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Honey for Cheese

Honey for Cheese
Raw Honey & Honeycomb

Jar 140g

Dress up your cheese plates with luscious, all natural honeycomb & honey. A piece of honeycomb immersed in pure Beechworth Honey is stunning and pairs beautifully with cheese. We particularly love it with marinated feta, fresh goat’s cheese and creamy bries and blue cheeses.




Cheese & honey pairing

The saltiness of cheese is beautifully complemented by the sweetness of honey. Honeycomb has enough structure to cut and spread. Try with a triple cream, goats cheese or brie on crusty bread or crackers. Harder cheeses like parmesan, gruyere or comte can be enjoyed with no other accompaniment – just raw honeycomb dripping with honey. Put a piece of honeycomb atop a wheel of cheese or in a shallow dish to catch the lovely oozing honey. Find your favourite combination and try something new.

I have enjoyed using…

I have enjoyed using this on my cheese platter with both blue cheese and goat cheese. Surprising and delicious. My guests had never tried the combination and left saying they would get some too!

Sara, May 2, 2018


100% Australian Honey, Natural Honeycomb from beeswax.

Allergen Advice

Bee pollen may be present naturally in this product.

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