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Australian Honey Specialists

At Beechworth Honey we pride ourselves on being the Australian honey specialists and remaining true to our commitment of 100% Australian honey... Always!

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Classic Beechworth Honey

Australia’s pristine environment and unique climate produces some of the best honeys the world has to offer. Discover our Classic range today!

Beechworth Honey Club

Join our Honey Club

Discover delicious, unique Australian honey varieties, learn more about bees and pollination, and try new honey products and recipes... 


New Product

Crisp cool air, rich soils, abundant rainfall and snow in winter sustain old growth eucalypts. Enjoy the dark, robust flavours of Bee Cause Mountain Honey.

Bee Cause 

... every Beechworth Honey product contributes to saving Australia's honeybees.

At Beechworth Honey we are absolutely passionate about Australia's honeybees... and they are under threat. Join our Bee Cause movement and learn how you too can help to save Australia's honeybees. 


What's New at Beechworth Honey

Beechworth Lost Arts Series

Beechworth Lost Arts Series

The artisans, producers and eclectic locals of Beechworth & surrounds in collaboration with Beechworth Honey are proud to present a series of classes themed around the Lost Arts - Kitchen, Garden & Craft.

270 190 Bee Cause

Bee Cause

Bee Cause... every Beechworth Honey product enjoyed contributes to saving Australia's honeybees.

Learn all about the activities & projects Beechworth Honey undertakes every year to help save honeybees.

270 190 Bee Natural Beauty

Bee Natural Beauty

Discover our four NEW honey beauty product ranges... Bee Natural combines 100% Australian Beechworth Honey with nut and botanical extracts and oils - gentle on you, the environment & the honeybees. 

270 190 Experience Honey

Experience Honey

Visit the beautiful high country of north-east Victoria for the ultimate honey adventure.

Taste over 30 different varieties of 100% Australian honey at Beechworth Honey Experience. 


What We Value

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425x425pix Key Message Icon Buy a Safe Food Future

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100% Australian Honey... Always!
Pollinating Australia's Fresh Produce
Buy a Safe Food Future
4th Generation Beekeepers
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