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Creamed Honey

Bee Creamy
Honey & Lemon Myrtle

Creamed honey combined with lemon myrtle is sweet and savoury, where honey meets the zesty tartness of lemon myrtle.

BCRHOLMJAR325 _Beechworth-Honey-Bee-Creamy-_-Lemon-Myrtle-Jar
BCRHOLMBIL1_BeechworthHoney_CreamyLemonMyrtle_Tub (1)

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BCRHOLMJAR325 _Beechworth-Honey-Bee-Creamy-_-Lemon-Myrtle-Jar
BCRHOLMBIL1_BeechworthHoney_CreamyLemonMyrtle_Tub (1)

Usage Suggestions

Creamy natural honey with the addition of Australian lemon myrtle oil is our modern take on this traditional flavour combination. A great addition to both sweet and savoury dishes. Brush it on grilled chicken and top with fresh herbs for a quick easy dinner. For morning and afternoon tea spoon it on warm scones topped with a dollop of cream.


Oven Baked Plums with Creamy Honey & Lemon Myrtle

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Our whole family enjoy…

Our whole family enjoy this on toast every morning. Something a little bit special.

Shien, June 21, 2018

This honey is absolutely…

This honey is absolutely delicious a lovely subtle lemon flavour. Goes well on crumpets. Have just ordered another 4 jars

Gina, September 6, 2018

We just ordered this…

We just ordered this honey only a few weeks ago. . . Already gone!! Creamed honey on its own is something pretty special, for its texture and taste, but with the added lemon myrtle makes this whipped delight something truely unique! On its own, on a crumpet, or with some rose hip herbal tea, this is amazing and so good for you. Love it!

eloisembonnici, March 26, 2020

I love this honey…

I love this honey so much - always stock up when I am in Beechworth. It’s perfect in Earl Grey tea.

Erin, June 21, 2018


100% Australian Honey, Lemon Myrtle.

Allergen Advice

This product may contain traces of tree nuts

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