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Single Varietal Honey

Bee Fruity
Scented Ash Honey

Jar 350g

Scented Ash Honey is a beautiful bright pale amber honey and its aroma will transport you to a garden of fresh violets and hyacinths. It has a lingering flavour of violets and leaves a slightly dry aftertaste on the palate. Moderately quick to cystallise with fine granules.





Botanical Information

Scented Ash (Guioa semiglauca) is a small ornamental looking rainforest tree. It has small white flowers with long protruding stamens. The bees find these highly attractive during flowering in September and October.

Geographical Information

Scented Ash trees are found in warmer rainforest areas north of Milton in NSW. It is a hardy trees that is common and widespread. It is named after J. Guio who was an 18th century botanical illustrator. Pronounced “ghee-O-a”

About Single Varietal Honey

The flavours of single varietal honey reflect a plant source and its unique flowers, pollen and nectar. Our single varietal honeys are a true reflection of nature with each plant species creating distinctly different colours, tastes and textures of honey.

Sweetly floral, this is…

Sweetly floral, this is the perfect honey in herbal teas to add a complex note.

kikilon, May 28, 2020


100% Australian Honey

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