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Traditional Honey

Traditional Honey

Tub 3kg

Buy bulk Australian honey in a 3kg tub. Keep it in the pantry for making honey joys, cakes for school fundraisers, breakfast & afternoon tea, hungry kids and toppings for scones and ice-cream.

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Steven and Jodie Goldsworthy purchased their bees in 1992 and developed the Beechworth Honey brand soon after. Jodie is the fourth generation of a family of beekeepers hailing from Beechworth, a former gold rush town steeped in the traditions and gentle rhythms of country life. Jodie’s great grandfather, Benjamin Robinson, was a beekeeper and so was her grandfather and her parents.

The flavour, texture and consistency of our Traditional Honey is a tribute to our heritage and the style of honey loved by the family over many generations.

I have been using…

I have been using Beechworth Honey for at least 15 years if not more. It has always been the best. WE use it in tea mostly and hot drinks.

mooma514, July 19, 2019


100% Australian Honey

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Traditional Honey

Traditional Honey

Squeeze 400g

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400g squeeze bottle - pure Australian honey.

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2 variants

Single Varietal Honey

Bee Bold
Apple Box Honey

Apple Box is a rich amber honey, with bold caramel and molasses flavours.

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Single Varietal Honey

Bee Bold
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Traditional Honey

Traditional Honey

Sachet 14g x150

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14g honey sachets - pure Australian honey

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