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Single Varietal Honey

Bee Fruity
Thistle Honey

Jar 350g

Thistle Honey is usually pale amber to medium amber in colour with an occasional greenish hue. A fresh, mild floral flavour initially with a lingering earthiness. Thistle is an unreliable producer of honey and is only released every few years. Thistle honey will granulate quite quickly to a smooth fine texture.

This is a rare honey and Limited Edition.




Botanical Information

Thistle honey is quite rare in today’s Australian landscape as their spread is controlled. Occasionally when weather conditions have been right with enough springtime rain, a “patch” of thistles can provide nectar for bees. The honey can be variable from patch to patch.

Geographical Information

Thistles are classified as a weed and usually grow in conjunction with cleared (and often neglected) farming land.

About Single Varietal Honey

The flavours of single varietal honey reflect a plant source and its unique flowers, pollen and nectar. Our single varietal honeys are a true reflection of nature with each plant species creating distinctly different colours, tastes and textures of honey.


100% Australian Honey

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