Bee School Classes

Discover the wonderful world of bees! Join us for bee-related learning experiences tailored to students of all ages, interests, and abilities.

Take your students on a journey from hive to jar! Discover the invaluable role of honey bees as a keystone species.

Learn through interactive, hands-on, and inquiry based activities about the workings of a hive, pollination, sustainability, food security, and biodiversity.

Bee School education experiences are designed and delivered for early years to upper secondary students and are aligned to the Australian and Victorian Curriculum. Bee School also offers bespoke education sessions suited to students from Level 10 to university and their specific focus areas.

All programs end on a sweet note – tasting a range of our pure 100% Australian honey!

Early Years – Level 2

Hive Alive

Designed for Early Years to Level 2, students will learn about the workings of a beehive through a 60 minute interactive, play-based session! Explore the different roles within a beehive.

Take on the role of a queen bee, guard, cleaner, wax producer, or forager bee! An understanding of how a bee hive works and how bees make honey fascinates early learners.

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Level 3 – Level 6


Discover the invaluable role of the honey bee! A fun and interactive 60 minute learning experience that explores the workings of a beehive, pollination, honey production and more!

Learn about the need to care for bees consolidated by an emerging understanding of the impact bees have on our environment through engaging and hands-on learning activities.

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Level 7 – Level 10

Pollinator Power

Discover how bees are vital pollinators and the role they play in food security within the wider Australian agricultural industry. Explore complex themes that surround the bee industry today.

You’re encouraged to think critically about how our agricultural industry is directly affected by honeybees by exploring food security, where honey is produced and pollination.

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Bespoke Classes

Designed for students from Level 10 through to university, our bespoke classes are curated based on students’ areas of interest. We welcome students with a desire to learn more about sustainability, biosecurity, food security, beekeeping, or entomology to come and experience the wonderful world of honey bees.

Join us for a specially curated exploration of all things bees! By contacting our educators and discussing your areas of interest you will receive an engaging and fascinating session linked directly to your desired learning outcomes.

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Bee Education Learning Kits


Planting for Bees! Early Years - Year 2

Learning Kits

Planting for Bees! (Early Years – Year 2)


Planting for Bees - Year 3 - Year 4

Learning Kits

Planting for Bees! (Year 3 – Year 4)


Planting for Bees - Year 5 - Year 6

Learning Kits

Planting for Bees! (Year 5 – Year 6)