Hive Alive

Designed for Early Years to Level 2, students will learn about the workings of a beehive through a 60 minute interactive, play-based session!

Join us for a fun- filled learning experience and explore the different roles within a beehive! Take on the role of a queen bee, guard, cleaner, wax producer, nurse, or forager bee. An understanding of how a bee hive works and how bees make honey fascinates early learners and is a wonderful building block to teaching students about the importance of bees for the environment they live in.

We aim to engage students through play and instil within them a love of bees, along with a desire to care for and protect them. A honey tasting completes the fun and provides students with emerging knowledge about how bees pollinate plants from different environmental areas.

Early Years – Level 2

60 minutes, includes honey tasting

$10 per student, minimum $200.00

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