Creamed Honey

Many people choose creamed honey for its light and creamy consistency and its ‘spreadability’.

Using creamed honey is a less sticky affair, as you can use a knife or spoon to scoop and spread on your favourite slice of fruit toast, scone or crumpet.

What is creamed honey?

Creamed honey is a process that involves the mimicking of the natural tendency of honey to crystallise. We take a fine grained crystallised honey and we use it as a starter. It is gently stirred in a whipping motion with a liquid honey (also chosen for its propensity to crystallise) in a cold environment in a creaming tank. The cool environment speeds up the tendency of crystallisation and the stirring also accelerates this natural process. The natural characteristics of some honeys make them perfect to make creamed honey from.

No other ingredients are added to make creamed honey, just 100% pure Australian honey!

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How to store creamed honey?

It is recommended that creamed honey be stored at room temperature (or cooler) so as to prevent it from returning to its liquid state. We only recommend storing creamed honey in a refrigerator in very hot weather if you creamed honey is becoming too soft.

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How to soften creamed honey?

Over the cooler months, our creamed honey can often set quite firm. This can make it a little difficult to scoop and spread over a delicious piece of fruit toast or a crunchy crumpet. If possible, we recommend keeping the jar or tub out in a warm area. If it is still a little too firm, we recommend submerging the jar or tub in some warm water, with lid on of course! We’ve found doing this a few times can help you achieve that smooth and spreadable creamed honey we know and love.

5 Ways to Use Creamed Honey

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