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Creamed Honey

Bee Creamy
Honey & Ginger

Creamed honey with a kick of ginger is a new and exciting way to enjoy honey. Spice up your life with a daily dose of Creamy Honey & Ginger.

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BCRHOGIBIL1_BeechworthHoney_CreamyGinger_tub (1)

Usage Suggestions

Spread a spoonful on a thinly sliced piece of apple or pear and top it with a chunk of mature cheddar cheese. Also great as a key ingredient in spiced cakes or to add a flavour twist to a pear tarte tartin.


Chai & Honey Tea Cake with Creamed Honey & Ginger Icing

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Lovely on homemade bread

Lovely on homemade bread

l.mccartin, May 21, 2020

Lovely on home made…

Lovely on home made bread.

l.mccartin, May 21, 2020

Supreme delicacy the VERY…

Supreme delicacy the VERY best i the world

sjs, April 23, 2020


100% Australian Honey, Creme Ginger (Ginger, Sugar).

Allergen Advice

This product may contain traces of tree nuts and Sulphur Dioxide (220)

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