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Honey for Cheese

Honey for Cheese
Creamy Honey Fig & Ginger

Jar 135g

Natural creamed honey with dried figs and ginger creme is a delicious and easy single serve addition to your cheese plates. It new adds flavours and interest and being creamed honey, it’s easy to spread.

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Usage suggestions

Generously spread fruit bread with soft cheese for a new taste sensation. See pack for 5 great ways to enjoy honey with cheese.

I love the texture…

I love the texture and consistency of this figgy creamy honey, and I love the taste with a sharp, well matured vintage cheese. It will be a compulsory addition to the cheese platter from now on.

Kate, April 30, 2018

A great sweetness and…

A great sweetness and texture that complements vintage cheese and looks great on the cheeseboard.

Nadine, October 4, 2018

This is delicious I…

This is delicious I just love it on toast but I’m sure I will discover many other uses...

Miertje skidmore, September 3, 2018


100% Australian Honey, Creme Ginger (Ginger, Sugar), Fig.

Allergen Advice

This product may contain traces of tree nuts and Sulphur Dioxide (220)

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