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Learn about the fascinating link between bees, pollination and food security, and of course the wonderful world of Australian Honey!

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For the Love of Bees!
If your class loves hands-on, interactive learning this fun and engaging session is the bee’s knees.

We explore the fascinating work of the queen bee, the drones and how a hive works, learn about the waggle dance, look at bees under the microscope, get outside in the Bee Garden and end on a sweet note with tasting some delicious 100% Australian honey.


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For the Love of Bees! is a 60 minute session for a maximum of 30 primary school-aged children. Content and timing can be tailored if requested.

Please contact us to check availability and booking requirements.




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The Beechworth Honey Shop

The iconic Beechworth Honey Shop warmly welcomes visitors to discover the wonderful world of Australian honey.

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The Hive Apartment

Stay in the heart of Beechworth, in this tastefully refurbished apartment in this historically significant building.


Historic Australian Beekeeping Archive & Museum

Dive deep into the history of beekeeping and honey in Australia, collected and curated by our founder, Jodie Goldsworthy.