Beechworth Honey’s

Christmas Gift Guide

We’ve taken the guess work out of finding the perfect Christmas gift for the special people in your life.

A carefully curated range of gift packs featuring our 100% Australian honey.

Gifts Under $10

Hand picked by our team, our beautifully presented 100% Australian honey gifts under $10 showcase some of our most popular honey gifts at Christmas time.


Mini Trio Gift Pack x3 Green

Honey Gifts & Packs

Mini Trio


GPGDTRIOJAR3X45 - Gold Mini Trio 3 x 45g

Honey Gifts & Packs

Limited Edition Mini Trio

New Release

Beechworth Honey You're the Bees Knee's Honey Jar

Honey Gifts & Packs

‘You’re the Bee’s Knees’ Honey

New Release

Beechworth Honey Queen Bee Honey Jar

Honey Gifts & Packs

‘Queen Bee’ Honey

Gifts Under $30

 From gifts you can eat, to gifts that will soothe your skin. Find something special, meaningful, and that won’t go to waste this Christmas.


Bee Cause Mini Gift Pack x5

Honey Gifts & Packs

Bee Cause Mini Collection


GPTEAJAR3X240 - Honey for Tea 3 x 240g

Honey Gifts & Packs

Honey for Tea


GPBEDJAR3X240 - Breakfast in Bed 3 x 240g

Honey Gifts & Packs

Breakfast in Bed



Bee Balm

Bee Balm with Mountain Honey & Lavender


Bee Cause Cotton Tea Towel


Bee Cause Tea Towel

Gifts Under $50

Beechworth Honey Gift Packs are a sweet little selection of our favourite Beechworth Honey and a quick way to tick off your ever-growing Christmas list!

New Release

Honey Samplers Tin Gift Pack

Honey Gifts & Packs

Australian Honey Sampler Tin


Bee Cause Collection Gift Box x6 green

Honey Gifts & Packs

Bee Cause Collection


Specialty Gift Pack

Honey Gifts & Packs

Specialty Honey


Our Favourites Gift Pack

Honey Gifts & Packs

Our Favourites


Beechworth Honey Sweet Selections Box

Honey Gifts & Packs

Sweet Selections Box

Christmas All Wrapped Up!

From building your own hamper to adding a honey jar gifting tube, you can easily create a sweet and simple Beechworth Honey Christmas gift. You can even cut out the middle man (sorry Santa!) and send a Beechworth Honey Gift Voucher direct to the lucky recipient.

New Release

All Things Honey... Premium Gift Hamper

Honey Gifts & Packs

All Things Honey… Premium Collection


Rolled Beeswax Candle Gift Pack

Candles Gifts & Packs

Rolled Beeswax Candles



Honey Gifts & Packs

Honey Jar Gifting Tube



Honey Gifts & Packs

Create Your Own Hamper – Small


Create Your Premium Gift Hamper - Large

Honey Gifts & Packs

Create Your Own Hamper (Premium) – Large


Beechworth Honey Gift Voucher

Honey Gifts & Packs

Gift Voucher

Christmas Gifting Questions!

When should I order to get my gifts in time?

We strongly recommend placing your online orders as early as possible this year. Along with the Christmas rush, there have been the well-known shipping delays Australia wide. The safest bet is to give yourself at least a couple of weeks. In 2023 please ensure you place your Christmas order before Sunday the 10th of December to give your order the best chance of arriving before Christmas.

How do I create a gift hamper?

We have three ‘Create Your Own Hamper’ options to create the perfect gift for someone special – small, large and our large premium hamper. You simply add the empty hamper to your cart and add the gifts to cart separately. The small hamper can fit 3-5 of our products while the large hamper can fit up to 5-8 of our products. There is more detail on sizes and suggested products on each of the ‘Create Your Own Hamper’ product pages. If you are needing further assistance you can email our Customer Service team at and we will help create the perfect hamper!