Creamed Honey

The new hero of Easter

With the evenings starting to cool and the leaves beginning to change, it means the combination of two of our favourite things. Easter and Creamed Honey.

Creamed honey is a delightfully smooth and luscious honey that will bring an extra flair to your Easter festivities. Spread it on a freshly baked hot cross bun, or if you’re the gift giving type – we have a delicious selection of Creamed Honey to share.

Move over chocolate, Creamed Honey is the new hero of Easter.

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Beechworth Honey Bee Creamy Honey

Creamed Honey

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Beechworth Honey Bee Creamy Honey & Cinnamon

Creamed Honey

Bee Creamy
Honey & Cinnamon


Beechworth Honey Bee Creamy Honey & Ginger

Creamed Honey

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Honey & Ginger


Beechworth Honey Bee Creamy Honey & Lemon Myrtle

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Bee Creamy
Honey & Lemon Myrtle


Bee Creamy Honey Chocolate & Hazelnut

Creamed Honey

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Honey, Chocolate & Hazelnut


Beechworth Honey Bee Creamy Honey Fig & Ginger

Creamed Honey

Bee Creamy
Honey, Fig & Ginger

Our Favourite Creamed Honey Recipes for Easter

Honey Journal

What is Creamed Honey?

Creamed honey is simply liquid honey that has undergone controlled crystallisation to become a smooth, light and spreadable consistency. No other ingredients are added to make creamy honey, just 100% pure Australian honey!

The process of making creamed honey involves replicating the natural process of honey crystallisation. Certain honey will crystallise easier and faster than others and we use this liquid honey and gently stir in a whipping motion in a cold ‘creaming tank’. The cool environment speeds up the tendency of crystallisation and the stirring also accelerates this natural process eventually turning the liquid honey into a smooth, creamy consistency that remains as 100% pure and natural honey.

5 Ways to Use Creamed Honey

Creamed honey is delicious, versatile and perfect for those who prefer a spread to a drizzle. But how exactly do you use it? We’ve put together five ways that we love to use creamed honey.


Easter means freshly baked hot cross buns and our favourite way to enjoy is with fresh butter and a thick spread of creamed honey. Our creamed honey varieties add new dimension and flavour combinations to the classic hot cross bun. When hot cross buns aren’t in season, fruit toast is a perfect substitute!


We love how creamy honey melts when stirred through a hot bowl of porridge or a freshly brewed coffee to add that touch of sweetness. The perfect breakfast time companion.


Liven up your next cheese board or fruit platter with the addition of creamed honey! Our Bee Creamy Honey with Fig & Ginger pairs particularly well with fruit and cheese, adding interesting flavours and textures.


The smooth, velvety texture of creamed honey makes it the perfect topper for your next tea cake or simply sandwiched between your favourite biscuit recipe (hello yoyos!). We like to whip our creamed honey and butter together to make a thick, fluffy consistency – ready to ice your favourite baked treats.


Creamy honey works as a delicious, sticky glaze for your favourite BBQ meats. When seared on a hot skillet or BBQ, creamed honey becomes golden, caramelised and utterly delectable.

Visiting Beechworth this Autumn?

Warm days, cool evenings – Autumn is one our favourite times of year here in Beechworth, and would be one of the best times to visit our beautiful home town. With Easter holidays just around the corner, we’ve compiled our favourite things to see and do.

From the spectacular cascades of Woolshed Falls to the iconic Aussie scenery of the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail and the time honoured tradition of the Golden Horseshoes Festival at Easter, there is so much to love about Beechworth in Autumn.

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