Sweet & savoury Beechworth Honey recipes to satisfy any snack craving.

Honey Baked Brie with Cherries & Walnuts

Baked brie topped with caramelised cherries and walnuts should be your quick and easy go-to for summer entertaining.

Baked Feta with Honey, Olives, & Lemon Thyme

A simple yet sophisticated dish that elevates the humble block of feta into a sweet and salty entertainer’s delight.

Sticky Honey & Almond Scrolls

If you’re looking for an indulgent winter recipe, our Sticky Honey & Almond Scrolls are calling!

Churro Popovers with Honey Custard

The best popovers are light and soft inside and they rise up with a thin crispy exterior. Simply coated in cinnamon sugar and filled with our honey custard filling. Made for sharing!

Honey, Banana & Walnut Loaf

Combining the natural sweetness of ripe bananas, the rich earthiness of walnuts, and the delicate sweetness of golden honey, resulting in a cake that is truly a delight to behold.

Honey & Lemon Cookie Bites

Satisfy your sweet tooth and indulge in a mouthwatering bite-size treat! Our Honey & Lemon Cookie Bites are little bites of heaven and the perfect combination of sweetness and zingy citrus.

Honey, Oat & Rice Bubble Slice

Inspired by the traditional British flapjack slice, our Honey Bubble Lunchbox Slice is light, crumbly and topped with delicious milk chocolate!

Sweet & Salty Honey Popcorn

One of our quickest and easiest lunchbox snacks. Slightly sweet, lightly salty, crispy, crunchy and completely addictive!

Toasted Honey & Almond Granola

Our super simple Toasted Honey & Almond Granola recipe has quickly become a favourite for the Beechworth Honey family.

Honey, Blueberry & White Chocolate Scones

These scones are baked to perfection and are a delicious addition to any breakfast or brunch. To serve, we like to drizzle with extra honey or simply enjoy as is. 

Honey, Apricot & Apple Slice

Combine sweet caramelised apples and apricots with healthy oats to create a crumbly, buttery breakfast, brunch or afternoon tea slice.

Aussie Damper with Bush Honey

The bread of the bush! Based on an original recipe used by Aussie bushmen, our traditional damper recipe calls for only three ingredients, loosely mixed together before being cooked in the ashes of a camp fire.

Chai & Honey Tea Cake with Bee Creamy Honey & Ginger Icing

Combines those glorious chai spice flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom into a soft and moist cake perfectly balanced with the sweet buttery flavour of Beechworth Honey.

Beechworth Honey Hot Cross Buns with Salted Honey Glaze

Delightful, doughy and delicious. Packed full of sultanas and apricots and combined with a perfect blend of autumn spices. Serve with good quality butter and your choice of Beechworth Honey Bee Creamy Honey.

Muesli Bar Bliss Balls

Prep these Muesli Bar Bliss Balls ahead of time and have them ready to drop a couple in the lunchbox or have them ready for hungry tummies after school.

Honey Joy Slice with Sultanas & Coconut

We’ve reimagined the classic Honey Joy into a delicious Honey Joy Slice packed full of sultanas and shredded coconut. We’ve upped the ante with and balanced the sweetness with a smooth dark chocolate top.